Sunday, July 15, 2007

Purity Is Reality

Since this is the first posting to this blog I might as well explain the title of this site: "Purity is Reality." Well, I am an avid surfer. In the late 1980's and early 1990's there was a monthly advertisement in Surfer magazine which was basically their contribution to the "Just Say No" to drugs campaign. Each month there would be a different painting of one of world's top surfers with their own motto in regards to drug use. Normally it would be something along the lines "Never done them, and never will." Anyway, each time I would come across the ad I would picture myself in the painting, carving a wave with my own take on the subject. The saying I came up with was to become my own motto for life: "Purity is Reality, and consciousness induced by anything else is a lie."

I never became a professional surfer and a picture of me styling on a wave has yet to make it in the magazine but that saying sums up the essence of my approach to life. Consequently, I still get to put those words out there with my picture...on my blog.

As a Christian Science practitioner my purpose is to lift up my thought as well as other's, and therefore our life experience by seeing and acknowledging God as always present; seeing Father-Mother Love guarding, guiding, and governing every aspect of our being. One of Jesus' Beatitudes from The Sermon on the Mount is: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." From which we can conclude that if our motives and the thoughts we entertain are pure then we can expect to see and feel the abundance of good, health and harmony that Life is presenting us each and every moment.

Think about it, when you eliminate the garbage and clutter from a room, and then have the remaining contents in order, in their right place, you must get a sense of peace in that space which before did not seem to be present. The same goes with our thought or consciousness. When our thought is clouded by material stimulants, or crowded by negative thoughts or impulses -- such as fear, lack, anger, sorrow, jealousy, hatred, revenge, etc. -- there would seem to be no peace in the space of our lives'.

The good news is that purity is reality. As we purify thought -- by eliminating the aforementioned negatives -- we shall see God. We shall see and appreciate the presence of good that each moment provides. In addition as we get closer to pure consciousness -- God's thoughts expressed as us -- we will manifest health, wealth, freedom, and joy in our bodies, in our relationships, in our careers, and in our day.


eymardma said...

pura vida!

Unknown said...

Well put! This is the reason I Christian Science is such a large part of my life. said...

Hi Rick,
Stopped by to view your new blog!

Amanda said...

"Purity is reality, and consciousness induced by anything else is a lie" is such a helpful phrase and gives me a really illuminating angle on some of the concepts I have been struggling to understand in CS
Thank you!