Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why Not Get High?

Back in the early 1990's I was on vacation visiting friends. It was a Saturday night and we were hanging out watching a movie. My friends were all getting high -- smoking marijuana out of a water bong. One of them asked me if I would like to smoke a bowl too. I was really tempted ... it seemed like a fun idea, taking an edge off, relaxing and watching the movie. I sat there and had a mental argument as to "what's the big deal?" My reasoning was we were just hanging out watching a movie...we were not going out to do anything. So I asked again, "God, why not get high?" As if on cue the answer came loud and fast from outside of the house. There was a long series of screeching tires, a crushing "boom" of impact, then more screeching of tires and another grotesque crashing sound.

We all got up to see what we had just heard, our imaginations racing as to what the view outside would be. I being the first one outside the door was a bit confused...on first glance what is normally a very busy street during the day was empty -- no cars, bikes, or grocery carts rolling buy. It was just dark and silent out. Second glance was more frightening...there was a body lying face down in the middle of the street. I ran out alone to the body -- my friends were too freaked out to leave the house. Apparently the moment was too intense to deal with.

Assessing the situation, there was body in the middle of the street in a pool of blood. The person had a helmet and leather jacket on for protection, and wearing surf trunks leaving the legs exposed. Apparently the person on the motorcycle was in the process of passing a van that had its right turn signal on, as if it were going to turn right into the alley (along side my friends' house). Unfortunately, the van instead turned left cutting off the motorcycle. After impact the motorcycle veered off to hit a street post, and the van ditched the scene.

Shortly after I got to the body a girl ran up who as it turned out was a nurse. We were able to role the body over on its back. She cradled the head in her lap as I slowly removed the helmet. The man was not breathing and completely out. Just as alarming was how his legs appeared to be severed below his knees -- hence the puddle. Fortunately, my thought was clear and I was able to do my metaphysical work. I know the nurse was praying too as she was holding the man's head. We didn't try to revive him physically. We just knelt there quietly appealing to God in our own way. Moments later he gasped for air and slowly came out of his dream...with the nurse quietly and calmly talking him back to consciousness. I felt the urgency to hold his legs down above the knees so as not to let him move them -- the thought being if he moved them at all they would separate even more (sure enough once he became conscious, he was confused, scared, and violently trying to move his body. The whole time my thought was focused on God's presence and love -- and refusing to be impressed with the physical picture. The sirens in the distance drew closer, though it seemed like a long time before they finally showed up. By the time the paramedics arrived the wounds on his legs were significantly changed and the bleeding had stopped. We were able to step away knowing that he was in good hands.

That is my answer to: "Why not get high?" Sure it might seem harmless and you might not be hurting anybody but at the same time you probably won't be helping anybody either. I would rather not "lose an edge" and be ready at a moments notice to be of assistance to a brother or sister in need. You never know what the next moment will bring.

Purity is reality =:-)