Friday, May 14, 2010

An Elementary Pledge

I love starting my day at elementary school; the innocence, the enthusiasm, the joy ... and then the rush of children to line-up for class once the first bell rings. By the time I have finished hugging my son and seeing him into the classroom the 2nd bell will ring. The hallway now empty, the school Principal (through the p.a. system) warmly welcomes all ... announcing the various events of history that took place on the current day, thanking the participants and volunteers of a recent event or reminding everyone of the next. Finally, before she signs off for the Pledge of Allegiance, she invites everyone to repeat with her the school's pledge. Smiling on my way out to the car I hear the little voices in unison with mine:

"Today is a new day.
I will improve myself.
There are no limits to my personal success.
I will! I can! I must!"

Driving away armed and ready for the day I find a favorite hymn humming through my thought:

Father, where Thine own children are,
I love to be.

My prayer, some daily good to do
To Thine, for Thee;
An offering pure of Love, whereto
God leadeth me.

Hymn 253, Christian Science Hymnal -- words by Mary Baker Eddy

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Celeste said...

Fantastic...I think the same thing every morning when I am at morning assembly with my boys and the other CCDS's a comforting feeling as I am walking away that my boys are where they are suppose to be...very blessed...thanks Rick.